Personalized Wellness 

When I first started researching nutrition and following folks in the functional medicine world, I remember being rather surprised at all the FREE information out there. Don’t they need to charge people to make a living? What do they do with their clients if all the information is out there? 

After being in the field a while now, it is oh-so-clear to me that even with SO much information available, that almost makes it even MORE difficult to determine what YOU should be following and how YOU can optimize your lifestyle.

Each person is so different. You have a different health history, lifestyle, and family history that affect how you will respond to different dietary and lifestyle interventions.

You can try out different supplements, diets, pre-workouts, post-workout regimens, sleep applications, or what have you, but if you REALLY think about it, how systematic is this trial-and-error process?

Do you try something for a day? A week? A month? Are you tracking other variables? Are you ACTUALLY sticking to it? Do you really know WHY you are doing it? Are you being mindful and aware of what certain changes are doing?

There are so many considerations that are overlooked when going through these “trials”.

Additionally, there are often underlying variables of our health affecting our road to success at achieving the results we want. This is why it is imperative to get assessed professionally and figure out how to combat YOUR underlying issues so that you can finally get the results you want.

So, what can you expect working one on one with me?



I will take a look at your current intake by having you send me pictures of everything you are eating for 5-7 days. This helps me see exactly what you are taking in- content and portion size.

You will fill out a questionnaire that details your goals, health history, current lifestyle, stress level, and sleep quality


Motives & Readiness

Another questionnaire and analysis will be done to gauge your readiness for change. We will discuss prior experiences with dietary interventions, emotional responses around food, and current motives


Lab Recommendations

Based off the assessment, I may recommend a panel or two of labs to dig deeper into underlying problems.



Once we review your goals, intake, health history, and talk about your current lifestyle and motives, I establish a plan for you that includes weekly e-mail follow-ups, bi-monthly 30-minute appointments, a meal plan, and resources such as grocery lists and educational material related to your protocol. We will progress at a pace that is appropriate and feasible for you for long-term success.


I offer different packages that include various levels of accountability, follow-ups, and personalization to programs:

Gold Level

  • Initial consultation, goal setting
  • Four monthly 30-minute follow up meetings
  • Weekly e-mail check-ins
  • Recipes, dietary interventions
  • Lifestyle optimization

Silver Level

  • Initial consultation, goal setting
  • One 30-minute follow up meeting
  • Weekly e-mail check-ins

Additional Months
your primary months

  • Monthly 30-minute follow up meetings
  • Weekly e-mail check-ins


Ala Carte Extras
Examples Include:

  • Personalized meal plans (7-30 days)
  • Grocery store navigation (I accompany you grocery shopping and provide education around which products to choose and why) 
  • In-home meal prep with you at your home