There is a lot of conflicting health information out there and trying to sort through it is daunting and overwhelming. The process of figuring out what is right for you requires a lot of self-reflection, mindfulness, and a willingness to experiment with diet and exercise- a few things that are rather unappealing for most. I have gone through the work of this process myself battling type I diabetes, years of being sick, tired, and unhealthy, and understand the struggle. I also understand the incredible benefits reaped when the body heals and you start to thrive and feel alive.

As a child, I was happy, active, and eating well-balanced, home-cooked meals prepared by my mother every day. There was no reason to believe anything would “go wrong” with my body.

I was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes when I was 14 years old and struggled a lot with my health through the first decade of diagnosis. I battled an eating disorder, struggled with my blood sugar control, tried out vegetarianism for seven years, had chronic bloating, and could not figure out how to eat and workout to truly thrive as the best version of myself.

I was sick, tired, and just going through the motions of what I thought to be a healthy lifestyle:

  1. Go to the gym for an hour a day 
  2. Stay away from high fat foods
  3. Eat a diet rich in whole foods

I had no idea that what I was doing was making me more sick and tired. It wasn’t until I landed a job at CoreFit that my health transformed because of my introduction to Functional Medicine. I started to re-introduce well-sourced animal products in to my diet, increased high quality fats, changed up my vegetables, decreased the processed oils, food, gluten, dairy, and sugar, and saw a MAJOR shift in my health. My blood sugars improved, my energy improved, my mental clarity improved, and my approach to health and wellness began to evolve tremendously.

Confused and curious, I decided to look in to what was changing in my body and through research in to the nitty gritty effects of nutrition on health, I discovered the incredible impact the gut microbiome has on the body. It was my gut flora that had taken a beating the past couple decades of my life and with my new way of eating, it finally got a chance to heal. That healing decreased LOADS of inflammation in my body, which had previously been manifesting in bloating, fatigue, indigestion, and brain fog (to name a few). I now understand what works for my body and continue to learn more about it all the time.

Along with my diet, I began to implement stress management techniques such as a 10 minute meditation and the five-minute journal every morning, practice good sleep habits and workout daily. The workouts at CoreFit have helped me feel inspired and fit for life outside of the gym, rather than focusing on the scale and body composition. I feel empowered when I lift heavy weights, climb walls and ropes, and push myself to limits I never knew I had. It is invigorating and ever-so fulfilling.

True health is an incredible feeling, and I am determined to help others find it for themselves.

Therese Martinez – MS, RD, CPT


I am a certified Registered Dietitian, born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I received my Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from Western Washington University, and a Master of Science in Dietetics, Nutrition, and Exercise Physiology from Washington State University.  Over the course of my working and academic lives, I have dissected Dialectical Behavioral Therapy modules a few times through and have found the skills to be profoundly helpful for clients. Additionally, I have done lots of work with Motivational Interviewing, and work to help clients find what lights them up and motivates them to change.  I am constantly reviewing current literature and keeping up with the most up to date trends, research, and movements.

My Approach

My goal is to have everyone I meet with come away with a greater understanding of what it feels like to be truly healthy in a holistic fashion. I address stress, sleep, activity, lifestyle, and of course, nutrition. The focus on nutrition lies on decreasing inflammation through healing your gut microbiome. Our flora have taken a serious beating by the immense over-consumption of sugar, processed fats, processed grains, processed dairy and meats, and alcohol and it is imperative that we RESTORE it in order to truly activate our health and have the ability to live our best lives.

Our first goal is to heal the gut through dietary and lifestyle interventions, then we optimize your health by personalized recommendations. We talk about macronutrients, micronutrients, fasting, how to eat to perform best cognitively and athletically, various types of diets (keto, paleo, plant-based, whole30…), possible supplements, and more.  All of my recommendations are science-based and backed by research based off my personalized analysis of your needs and goals. Whether you have been suffering with indigestion for years, feel like you are constantly energy-deprived, or if you are just considering the fact you could feel and perform better at work or at the gym, my help is worth considering.