Beyond Blood Sugars
with Type 1 Diabetes
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Your body is compromised but this is NOT a miserable-life sentence.

There ARE ways, in addition to blood sugar management, that can help you minimize your inflammation, improve your performance, and optimize other areas of your health to promote vitality and longevity.

I’m here to help you discover ways you can do that while living with a chronic condition.

Your life is not meant to be so preoccupied by perfect blood sugars, nor does it need to be. You can live well, energized, healthy, and happy without the constant concern. I felt so misled with dietary recommendations and poor advice around insulin, sugar, and exercise that made me believe there was no way to control blood sugars and that its “just the nature of the disease” to have so many problems…

After a lot of research, work with clients, and some trial and error, I have discovered how to find lifestyles that work for my clients. I will help you find the one that works for you- a lifestyle that incorporates foods you still love, activities that make you feel alive, and health hacks that optimize your mind, body, and spirit.  

Together we will identify ways to decrease your inflammation and combat the other stressors of your life to help mitigate the effects of type I diabetes because,

let’s face it, we are naturally inflamed. You have been given this incredibly unfortunate diagnosis, but you do NOT have to let it run your life.

It would be great to have perfect blood sugars all the time, and it IS possible to have them MOST of the time, but there are always variables we can’t explain or prevent that will trigger fluctuations.

I’ve done the research, I know the struggles, and I am here to help you find life WITH diabetes that helps you thrive. Everyone is unique with how their bodies respond to food, fitness, and stress.

I am not promising perfect blood sugars, but I am saying there is information out there that will help you find a life and body you love living in that promotes vitality AND longevity WITH this autoimmune disease.

-Therese Martinez – MS, RD, CPT


Keeping YOUR gut microbiome healthy requires SO MUCH MORE than just taking a probiotic and drinking kombucha, I promise!

I really believe people do not know how good they can feel. We are so used to living in an over-stimulated, over-caffeinated, over-worked, under-slept, under-nourished, state that we have developed a new idea of normal.

I am here to tell you I can help you recover from this state of being by restoring your health from the inside out.